Chocolate-Ganache Truffles



10 oz whipping cream
2 oz light corn syrup
2 oz whole coffee beans
1 lb milk baking chocolate
1 cup cocoa powder

Put chocolate in large mixing bowl, set aside
In another pan, bring cream, corn syrup and the coffee beans to a gentle boil
Remove mixture from heat and set aside 5 minutes
Strain out coffee beans and dispose
Slowly pour mixture SLOWLY over chocolate
Mix well with spatula, finish with an electric mixer
Set in refrigerator overnight to crystalize
The next morning-
Using a small scoop (like a melon baller) to make small balls
Finish rolling by hand to make more perfect spheres
Put cocoa powder in a shallow dish
Roll balls in powder to coat them lightly and evenly
Keep balls in refrigerator until ready to serve

Use your imagination!
Try different coffee flavors such as Vanilla Nut Cream or Mint
Add very finely chopped nuts to the cocoa powder mixture
Try dark baking chocolate for a more intense flavor
Bon Apetit!

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