Green Cupcakes / Cake for St. Patrick's Day

This recipe adds a touch of flavor, extra moisture and a pastel green color. Of course, you can use any color of Jello you want to match your occasion. For my daughter's birthday cake, I swirled two different colors of jello just before pouring into the pans to make a very brightly marbled cake. This recipe makes 25 to 30 cupcakes, depending upon how much you fill each cup.

Ingredients for cake
1 (18 ounce) white cake mix
Any other ingredients required on the box's instructions
1 large box lime or other green Jello

Ingredients for frosting
1/4 cup boiling water
6 tablespoons butter
3 cups powdered sugar

Directions for baking cupcakes / cake
Preheat oven per box instructions
Prepare cake mix per the box recipe and instructions adding 3/4ths of the jello powder to the dry ingredients. Mix jello powder in well before adding wet ingredients for an even color.
Pour into 2 cake pans or cupcake liners
Bake as directed on box.
Cool in pans
Remove from pans once pans are only slightly warm
Finish cooling on racks and then put into refridgerator.
Option - use 2 or more colors of Jello powder (keep total used at 4 TBSP) and do not mix entirely. You'll have a pretty swirl effect of differing colors.

Directions for making buttercreme frosting
Cream butter and water
Add sugar gradually, scraping the bowl after each addition.
Add the remaining jello powder and mix color in well
Beat until smooth.
Frost cake or cupcakes
Option - sprinkle some green Jello powder on top just before serving. Use just a little bit.


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