Everyonce in awhile you'll see me write an article about food or recipes or some related product. Those projects I do for pay. Blogging is for fun and a creative outlet. It's nice to get some money every now and then, too.

I am signed up with SNAPBOMB and every once in awhile they send me an assignment that's related in content to one of my blogs. With the invention of the internet and the phenonmeon of blogging, advertisers want to create buzz about their products via blog marketing / blog advertising.

My blogs are still new and the traffic is low so my pay for writing isn't going to make a millionaire out of me any time soon but maybe in a year when I am a little more established, my traffic will be higher, and the value of my writing will increase.

I would be writing anyway, with or without pay. Snapbomb sends me assignments and the pay is tranferred into my Paypal account. It's fun and I can brag about being a free-lance "professional" writer.

If you are interested in being paid for your blogging, then visit http://www.snapbomb.com/bloggers.html?acp=7551

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